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Xenophobe Resurrection
Author: Leonard Rich
Narrated: Julia Perry

Orbiting this forgotten tenement of clay is a small science ship with its own personal hell. Dr. Sherry Lee, a twenty-five-year-old Asian female, in her long white lab coat, ran franticly down the dark corridor toward the ship’s bridge. Not long before, she was grabbing a nightcap with some friends in the ship’s galley. Sherry had planned to get some rest that night, but things didn’t go as she planned. Reality had become fantasy and she was tossed into a living nightmare.

The Story of Kaylona
Author: Leonard Rich
Narrated: Julie LaPorte

First contact of alien life. Visitors from another world can be exciting. The unknown can be seen, the plot discovered. Who are these new neighbors? Seen through the eyes of a 12-year-old curious girl, wondering if they come in peace or war.

Blueridge Dragon
Short Horror Stories
Book Three
Author: Leonard Rich
Narrated: Ryan Haugen

Beware of the pathways we take, for no one truly knows where the path will take you. Humanity is the artist of life and death. With just a twist of its hand beauty beyond beauty. The mighty grip of the other hand destroys all that you will ever love. 

We are all life and death rolled up in one.

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