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  • Leonard Rich

Holding Your Hand

I held your hand on our first date, hearts come together that is fate,

Look into your eyes, I see paradise,

We dance the night, Losing you what a fright,

Together as one, we have a son,

Holding your hand, for you, I do what I can,

Laying next to your cold body, Oh, cruel society,

Taken away as life fades, it took ten days,

Savor I am not, as my heart shatters and rot,

I feel your love, Soon I will be in heaven above,

Gun up to my head, Ready to be dead,

A hand stops the gun, Fear, I wanted to run,

Whisper in my ear, it is not your time my dear,

Feeling her love embrace, Guardian angel is my grace,

I held your hand, For I will always be your biggest fan.

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