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  • Leonard Rich


I scream and scream, but nobody hears, I cry, no shoulder to lean on, my pain is nothing special, just like any other pain, but it is my pain, my voice from within trying to break free.

Deep inside my mind is a person screaming to get out, wanting to be free from this prison within. A scream of frustration, fear, anger, desire, and unknown. I fear this screamer is my inner anger or childhood rejection in sociability. Why should I worry? I worry that this screamer is nothing more than darkness or is it at life's unfair course for me. I feel so angry at the choices that have been given to me and the choices that I want are so far away. I desire to be an artist but lack the talent the concept to draw. I understand and know what to do but lack the necessary skills to be an artist. I see the pictures in my head but cannot express them to life as I seen any other artist do.

I love to write, but my writing lacks that artistic touch or a play of words. I understand and know how to write but lack the talent to express my thoughts in a play of words. I can't express myself or show my heart and love. I wish I had the talent of music, to sing, to play; to express my voice in harmony is to crush two pieces of metal together. I just fade into the background, sad, angry, and wondering why, oh God why?

Note: I wrote this piece from the beginning of my writing, the screamer was my talent trying to break through the barrier of my mind. Wanting to be free and truly express my emotions and feelings through words. I have broken that barrier and the screamer is now free. In the beginning is struggle, keep fighting for your dream and let your screamer free.

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