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  • Leonard Rich

The Flower

Warmth, life, the feel of growth within my soul,

the blooming of my petals, the strength of my roots to support my stem,

I held my head high, I look upon the sky, the Sun so bright

I but shout into the Heavens I will reach you and be among the clouds,

then night, the dark, the coldness, my petals shiver, my stem harden,

the darkness brings fear, I but close myself from the world,

lowering myself to the ground, but wait, I feel it,

I sense it, the Sun rises again, there is hope,

there is joy, I get to express myself,

open up my body and reach the heavens,

the darkness will not hold me back, I will continue to grow,

my roots are strong, surrounded by others like me,

together we grow, together we are not alone.

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